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Staff Resources

Staff Council Supports the Mission, Values and Goals of Texas State University

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Staff Council is your voice for a better U. We realize that as staff our job is to support the mission, values and goals of Texas State University through our day to day work at Texas State. And while we are committed to our core values that include diversity, equality, and inclusion, sometimes we need help in supporting these values.

These links represent some of the many resources available both on and off campus. If you have a problem that is not covered under these resources, please contact us directly at



For more information on campus safety see the Emergency Procedures site at:

Texas State University Campus Resources

Safety and Health Emergencies

Police, Fire, or Medical Emergency 911
University Police Department (non-emergency) 512.245.2805
Fire (non-emergency) 512.393.8460
Student Health Center 512.245.2161
Operator (from University phone) 0
Operator (from off-campus phone) 512.245.2111
University Recorded News Bulletin 512.245.2424
Physical Plant (emergencies and after hours) 524.245.2108
Counseling Center 512.245.2208
Bobcat Bobbies Campus Escort 512.245.SAFE

Report and Incident of Sexual Misconduct by clicking here.

Other  Campus Resources

Alliance of Texas State
Alliance encourages, promotes, and celebrates the awareness, equality, social acceptance, non-discrimination, and individual freedoms of all employees regardless of their sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity.  Texas State Alliance is dedicated to and supports LGBTQIA faculty and staff.
Email     |     Website

Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff
The Coalition is committed to promote togetherness, develop a strong unified body, and gain recognition within the Texas State and surrounding community.
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Hispanic Policy Network
HPN is a staff and faculty organization committed to the improvement of higher education for Hispanics.  Their goals of educational advocacy, networking, recruitment, retention, scholarship assistance, culture promotion and working atmosphere help to create a warm and supportive campus climate for our Hispanic/Latino students.
Email     |     Website     |     Facebook     |     Twitter

San Marcos Community Resources

Indigenous Cultures Institute :
The Indigenous Cultures Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the research and preservation of the culture, arts, traditions, ceremonies, and languages of this population, collectively known as Coahuiltecans.

Calaboose African American Museum :
Letters, books, photographs and antique artifacts cover all aspects of African American life in early Texas, as visitors chart a rarely-told history of heroism

Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos :
Centro provides a unique space for people to learn about or share their Hispanic Heritage and to participate in our public programs, classes, and events. The cultural center is made up of four components: an art gallery, a library, a museum, and the programs that make Centro such an active and lively place.

Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center :
The Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center serves victims of family violence, sexual assault and child abuse in Caldwell County and Hays County in central Texas.

Call 512-396-HELP (4357) To Get Help Now