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Staff Council Elections

Staff Council will be holding elections for our 2020-2023 session starting June 1st, 2020. 

We currently have openings in the following EEO categories

  • Professional | 5 seats
  • Secretarial/Clerical | 1 seat
  • Service | 2 seats
  • Skilled | 1 seat
  • Administrative | 2 seats

NOTE: Staff in filled EEO categories can still be nominated to serve as potential alternates for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Results for 2020 Elections are posted at the bottom of the page.

About the EEOC categories:

EEOC categories are established based on our job analysis and the descriptions provided to us by the federal government (EEOC). After reviewing the job duties and responsibilities, Human Resources determines which EEOC category is the best fit.

Our bylaws require that we have representation in each of the following EEOC categories:

  • Administrative: (Officials and Administrators) Occupations in which employees set broad policies, exercise overall responsibility for execution of these policies, or direct individual departments or special phases of the agency's operations, or provide specialized consultation on a regional, district, or area basis.  Includes department heads, directors, deputy directors, controllers, etc.
  • Professional: Occupations which require specialized and theoretical knowledge which is usually acquired through college training or through work experience and other training which provides comparable knowledge. Includes personnel workers, registered nurses, systems analysts, engineers, librarians, etc.
  • Secretarial / Clerical: (Administrative Support) Occupations which workers are responsible for internal and external communication ,recording and retrieval of data and/or information and other paperwork required in an office.  Includes payroll clerks, computer operators, sales workers, bookkeepers, and administrative assistants. 
  • Service: (Service-Maintenance) Occupation in which workers perform duties which result in or contribute to the comfort, convenience, hygiene, or safety of the general public or which contribute to the upkeep and care of buildings, facilities, or grounds of public property. Includes custodial employees, gardeners and groundskeepers, craft helpers, etc.
  • Skilled Worker: (Skilled craft worker) Occupations in which workers perform jobs which require special manual skill and a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the processes involved in the work which is required through on-the-job training and experience or through apprenticeship or other formal training programs. Includes mechanics, electricians, carpenters, power plant operators, etc.
  • Technical Paraprofessional: Occupations which require a combination of basic scientific or technical knowledge and manual skill which can be obtained through specialized post-secondary school education or through equivalent on-the-job training.  Includes computer programmers, surveyors, photographers, technicians, police officers, etc. 

Are you or someone you work with a passionate advocate for the role and well-being of the university’s staff?
Consider nominating yourself or a co-worker to represent you on the Texas State Staff Council.

If you’re a benefits-eligible staff member, you will receive an email with instructions on how to nominate yourself or a co-worker to serve a three-year term as a representative of the Texas State Staff Council.

For general elections, the request for nominations will go to all benefits-eligible staff members through email in early June. Nominees will be contacted by Staff Council Elections Committee members once nominations close and voting will begin shortly after. Elected representatives will be contacted to accept/decline their position with Staff council.

Candidates must be regular full-time staff and may not be a Dean, Chair, or Vice President. It is recommended that staff be employed at least 6 months prior to running for Staff Council. The Staff Council Bylaws provide that Staff Council consists of a proportional number of members to Equal Employment Opportunity categories with 3-year terms.

Election Results