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Join Us for Bobcat Build!

Giving Back to Our Community

Bobcat Build Team 2017
Bobcat Build Team 2017

Texas State's Bobcat Build serves as the second largest one-day community service project in the state of Texas! Any Texas State student, faculty, or staff member can sign up to participate in Bobcat Build.

Texas State Staff Council is putting together a team to participate in Bobcat Build this year. Last year, we were assigned to First Lutheran Church. We not only helped landscape the grounds, we demolished some old sandboxes, removed trash, and completely cleaned out an area for their Kids of the Kingdom to use as a learning garden.

If you are interested in joining us for Bobcat Build, we can have up to 20 people at a single job site. We would love to have a full crew to help out those in the community. Registration ends on February 28th, so it's important to let us know as soon as possible! 

For more information, please see the Bobcat Build site.