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Mission and Goals

The mission of the Texas State University Staff Council, hereafter referred to as “Staff Council” or “Council,” shall be to promote and enhance the status of university staff, ensure the effective contribution of staff expertise toward university goals, and act as the liaison between the university president and staff. The Council shall represent the collective body of the staff and shall report directly to the university president.

2017-2023 Staff Council Goals and 2019 Outcomes

Goal 1. Staff Council will provide effective, timely, and inclusive communications to staff and staff organizations.
Outcome 1:    Communicate with all staff regarding Staff Council’s work via in-person meetings, emails, website, and posters/flyers, as appropriate.
Outcome 2:    Maintain the Council website to keep it up-to-date and timely.
Outcome 3:    Welcome new staff by:

  • delivering a welcome email to all new University Employees on a weekly basis, and
  • distributing a Staff Council brochure (via University Professional Development) at New Employee Welcome.

Outcome 4:    Communicate with all staff via a monthly email that includes meeting highlights, upcoming events, and other items of interest to Staff.

Goal 2. Staff Council will actively support programs that improve staff recognition and retention.
Outcome 1:    Advocate for and participate in the creation of a University-level plan to address the issues – including uncompetitive salaries and high turnover – identified in the Hire, Inspire, Retain Planning Background Brief prepared during the development of the 2017-2023 University Strategic Plan.
Outcome 2:    Identify division-, office-, and unit-level staff recognition and retention practices and share across the university.
Outcome 3:    Advocate for the expansion of employee recognition programs at the division, office, and unit levels.

Goal 3. Staff Council will be the voice for staff and enhance collaboration with administrators.
Outcome 1:    Staff Council will invite the Special Assistant to the President to attend one meeting each long semester to provide and receive feedback on the Council’s work and to discuss identified staff needs and issues.
Outcome 2:    Develop and conduct a Staff Satisfaction Survey that provides suggestions and feedback to the Council.
Outcome 3:    Prepare an annual report for the President and all staff on the work completed by Staff Council in the previous year.
Outcome 4:    In Staff Council communications, encourage University staff to share their concerns and suggestions directly with Council members and through the anonymous Staff Concern form on the Council website; a timely response from Staff Council will be published in monthly meeting highlights and on the Council website.

Goal 4. Staff Council will contribute to and make recommendations regarding university planning and policy decisions that impact staff.
Outcome 1:    The UPPS Committee will identify and implement strategies to proactively increase the involvement of the full Council and University staff in providing feedback on UPPSs subject to review/revision.
Outcome 2:    Council members will actively serve on University committees and councils, providing input on policy discussions and soliciting suggestions from the Council and University staff.
Outcome 3:    When necessary and appropriate, Council will prepare and deliver position papers to the President on issues of importance to University staff.