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Staff Concern Updates

Date Staff Concern Status Resolution
3/23/2019 Compensation in Understaffed Areas Closed Referral to current UPPS regarding Compensation - See June Meeting Minutes
3/25/2019 Direct Deposit Slips Closed Discussion of Deposit Procedures/Options - See May Meeting Minutes
3/28/2019 By-Law regarding Staff Council Appointments Closed By-Law left unchanged by Staff Council - See May Meeting Minutes
4/23/2019 Compensatory Time Procedures Closed Referral to UPPS regarding Use of Comp Time - See May Meeting Minutes
5/3/2019 Parking Permit Procedures Closed Staff to be notified of upcoming changes for 2019-2020
5/6/2019 Contract Vs. In-House Employee Compensation Under Review - Executive Committee TBD
5/10/2019 Notification of On Campus Events Received TBD
5/16/2019 ADA Compliance - Parking Spaces Under Review - Compensation and Benefits TBD
5/20/2019 ADA Compliance - Chartwells Web Documents Under Review - Compensation and Benefits TBD
5/24/2019 Newstand Advertisement Closed Notified Program Director
6/13/2019 Mental Health Benefits Coverage Received TBD