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Staff Concerns

Let your voice be heard!

This form is for Texas State University employees to make recommendations or express concerns that affect our work-life at Texas State. If you have a concern regarding faculty, visit the Faculty Senate site. If you have a concern regarding a student, visit the Dean of Students Office site.

Individuals may use this form to submit items/questions that are of interest and/or relevant to staff members. Contact information is optional and individuals can submit an item/question to Staff Council for consideration anonymously. Items received before the first Tuesday of the month will be placed on that month's agenda at the discretion of the Staff Council Executive Committee.

What Happens to the Request?

At the Executive Committee meeting, the item will be assigned to a committee or officer for investigation. When the committee or officer has completed their investigation, the report will be read at the next Staff Council meeting and entered into the minutes. If the request is not anonymous, a member of executive committee will notify the initiator of the result.

NOTE: While Staff Concerns can be submitted anonymously, it is preferred that follow up contact information be provided. Staff can also email Staff Council members directly with any concerns.


Before You Submit

before you submit

Please note: According to section 3.1 of the Texas State University Sexual Misconduct Policy, "A responsible employee who receives a report of sexual misconduct must report to the Title IX Coordinator all relevant details about the alleged sexual misconduct shared by the Victim. A responsible employee should not share information with law enforcement without the Victim’s consent, unless the Victim has also reported the incident to law enforcement." If you are reporting a violation of Sexual Misconduct at Texas State, please consider using the Sexual Misconduct Webline.

As with any item reported to us, we will act as your advocate whenever possible, regardless of whether you report anonymously. All contact information will be kept confidential and only used by Staff Council to follow up with any item submitted.