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Scholarships and Award Recipients

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Staff Council Miguel Hernandez Undergraduate Scholarship

Ms. Patricia Clarke | Coordinator, University Registrar

Ms. Clarke is a non-traditional student who is completing a Bachelor of Applied Arts with a Major in Occupational, Workforce, and Leadership. According to her Texas State colleagues, Patricia demonstrates a commitment to professionalism, a strong work ethic, and dependability.

Staff Council Graduate Scholarship

Ms. Elizabeth Hewett | Coordinator, Student Business Services

Ms. Hewett, who earned a Master’s Degree in Education, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Developmental Education. Her long-term goals include determining the effectiveness of campus resources accessed by specific student populations and identifying additional resources that may be necessary to address student needs at Texas State.

2017 Award Recipients

Angelika Lester Wahl Staff Diversity Award
Mr. Fermin Torrez | Assistant Director, Custodial Operations

Mr. Torrez actively supports Texas State’s diversity-related goals through his service on the Finance and Support Services Diversity Committee and by providing a welcoming environment for the many diverse staff members at the University.

Deborah and James Mathews Excellence in Collaboration/Outreach Award
Dr. Carl Van Aacken | Coordinator, Learning Lab, Student Learning Assistance Center

Dr. Van Aacken demonstrated his conscious effort to support collaboration through his work with the 2016-2017 Common Experience theme, A Century of Conflict: Dialogues on the U.S. Experience of War since 1917. Further, Carl’s experiences in the U.S. Army make him an invaluable resource to the veteran students who utilize the SLAC Learning Lab as he goes above and beyond to ensure they have the support they need to be successful at Texas State.

Earl L. Moseley, Jr. Staff Community Service Award
Ms. Maggie Hutchins-Wagner | Grant Specialist, Department of Geography

Ms. Hutchins-Wagner contributed countless hours to the San Marcos community through her work with the Greenbelt Alliance and advocacy for the Purgatory Creek Natural land acquisition, including post-flood restoration. Maggie also provided support to local Boy and Girl Scout students.

Rodrigo Rodriguez Outstanding Custodian Award
Mr. Joe Carter | Custodian, LBJ Student Center

In addition to performing his job duties at a high level, Mr. Carter often takes personal time to contribute to educational initiatives and provide support to students and staff alike.

Staff Excellence Award
Mr. Brendan Scott | Coordinator, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mr. Scott has demonstrated continuous dedication to collaboration by working with many campus departments and entities to improve processes, customer service orientation, and performance at Texas State.

Parking Permit Raffle Winners

To support these scholarships and awards, Staff Council raffles off Red Parking Permits each Spring. This year’s winners were:

Ms. Kelly Dunn | Administrative Assist III, College of Health Professions

Ms. Joanne Palmer | Intellectual Property Contract Specialist, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs