Congratulations to our newly elected Staff Council members for the 2015-2017 academic years!!

Administrative:  Mr. Jack Rahmann
Professional:  Dr. Ana Lisa Garza, Mr. Charles H Evers, Mrs. Julie Eriksen, Mrs Stephanie E P Miller
Secretarial:  Mrs. Margie Y Rodriguez, Ms. Jessica Henry, Ms. Sonya M Kraus, Mrs. Virginia K Blanchard


Voting is open Monday, June 6, 2016 – Friday, June 24, 2016

To Vote Please visit:


Administrative, (4) Professional, (4) Secretarial/Clerical, (1) Service,  and (1) Skilled Worker.

Staff will be able to view and vote for people within their own categories only (i.e. an Administrative Assistant can only vote for persons nominated in the Secretarial/Clerical category).

The mission of Staff Council is to advocate for university staff, to act as liaison between staff employees and university administration, especially the President, and to ensure effective contribution of staff expertise toward university goals. The Council represents the collective body of the staff and reports directly to the University President.