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Committees and Assignments

2016-2017 Executive Committee:

  • Mr. Adam Clark, Chair
  • Chair-Elect - TBD
  • Ms. Stephanie Korcheck, Secretary
  • Ms. Deborah Howell, Treasurer
  • Ms. Jodi Torrez, Parliamentarian
  • Ms. Jacqueline Miles, Member at Large (Special Events)
  • Ms. Jennifer Johnson, Member at Large (Logistics)

2016-2017 Campus Committees

ADA/504 Compliance & Steering Committee on Disabilities – Bob Hanna (rh19)

Campus Facilities Planning Committee – John “Jack” Rahman (jcr140)

Campus Recreation Advisory Committee – Corey Weber (cw1512)

Energy Conservation Committee – Adam Clark (ac1641)

Equity and Access Committee – TBD

Facilities & Environment and Sustainability Committee - John “Jack” Rahman (jcr140)

Parking Ticket Appeals Committee – Bob Hanna (rh19), Neal Idias (ni1009)

Presidential Work Life Advisory Council – Jennifer Johnson (jj25), Margie Rodriguez (mr18)

Professional Development Advisory Council – Charles Evers (ce26)

Regental Planning Committee new name Texas State University Master Plan – Adam Clark (ac1641)

Transportation Services Advisory Council – Adam Clark (ac1641)

University Police Dept Advisory Council – Jodi Torrez (jt11)

University Safety Committee – Bob Hanna (rh19)

Excellence in Diversity Award Committee- TBD

Muir Mentoring Award Committee- Deborah Howell (dh58)

Leadership Assembly – Adam Clark (ac1641)

2016-2017 Staff Council Committees

Overseen by Member at Large | Logistics

Overseen by Member at Large | Special Events

Bylaws and UPPS:

  • Jodi Torrez (Chair)
  • Adam Clark
  • Charles Evers
  • Robert Jackson
  • Stephanie Korcheck


  • Illona Weber (Chair)
  • Margie Rodriquez
  • Beth Welch

Compensation & Benefits:

  •  Jodi Torrez (Chair)
  • Corey Weber (Co-Chair)
  • Noel Fuller
  • Bob Hanna
  • Robert Jackson
  • Jacqueline Miles
  • Illona Weber


  • Jack Rahmann (Chair)
  • Stephanie Korcheck (Co-Chair)
  • Adam Clark
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Samantha Smith


  • Jeffrey Magness (Chair)
  • Jennifer Johnson (Co-Chair)
  • Adam Clark
  • Treena Herington
  • Deb Howell
  • Stephanie Miller

Scholarship and Awards:

  • Ana Lisa Garza (Chair)
  • Noel Fuller (Co-Chair)
  • Deb Howell
  • Illona Weber

Operational Effectiveness:

  • Stephanie Korcheck (Chair)
  • Robert Jackson (Co-Chair)
  • Charles Evers
  • Robert Hanna
  • Corey Weber

Special Events:

  • Dana Chapman (Chair)
  • Ana Lisa Garza
  • Treena Herington
  • Jacqueline Miles
  • Jack Rahmann
  • Samantha Smith
  • Beth Welch